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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation - Serious investors frequently wish to diversify their investments with different categories of securities i.e. stocks, bonds, real estate, CD’s, and mutual funds. Asset allocation among classes increases diversification and helps us manage risk for you.
Clients may choose specific portfolio types or allocate a blend — all within one account.

The Income Generator
The Income Generatoris structured for clients seeking to maximize income from a portfolio of high quality corporate bonds, real estate investment trusts, CD’s, and preferred stocks. Risk is managed by assessing credit worthiness and by prudently balancing short, intermediate, and long-term maturities.

Tax Freedom Portfolios are designed for clients whose objective is to maximize tax-free income from a portfolio of tax exempt* municipal bonds, while preserving principal.

The Performance Portfolio utilizes the common stocks of some of the world’s best managed corporations for those clients seeking maximum returns through growth of dividends and capital appreciation.

Asset Allocation
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*Some municipal bonds may be subject to alternative minimum tax.