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Full Service Brokerage

McClurg Capital's full service brokerage fills an important gap for both the large and small individual investor. Many of today's investors are using the services of the discount brokerage or on-line brokerage firms. The investor can save on commissions, do his own research, and try to build his portfolio with self-selected stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. Most investors, however, are reluctant to invest a serious portion of their assets without professional guidance.

Those investors that are still using the traditional "mega" brokerage firms are increasingly finding themselves abandoned to call centers if their accounts are less than six digits in size. These call centers are staffed with inexperienced brokers that are ill equipped to deal directly in complex financial markets or to formulate wealth management solutions for serious investors.

McClurg Capital is staffed with tenured professionals with specialties in growth and income securities, tax-exempt municipal bonds*, corporate and treasury bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and options. We provide individuals, the self-employed and small businesses with retirement plan consultation, ideas for growth and income, and implement solutions.

Our full service brokers are compensated by commissions only when our client is satisfied with the appropriateness of a recommendation and initiate a transaction. Your savings have been hard earned, and whether you are a large client or small, you will receive professional service and advice. As a small, independent firm, our success depends on repeat business with satisfied clients. You may be assured that all of our efforts are dedicated to the success of
your investments.

* Municipal bonds maybe subject to Alternative Minimum Tax