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Advantages of Separate Account Management

Separate - The overwhelming advantage of Separate Account Management is included in its title. The assets are never commingled with the assets of the portfolio manager or other investors. As such your portfolio manager can structure and tax manage the portfolio to meet your specific needs. Every client has different requirements as to income, growth, safety, and taxes. 

Unique - A separately managed account at McClurg Capital is unique. Most investment management firms provide separate account management to only the wealthiest of investors, leaving smaller investors to pooled mutual funds, exchange traded funds or third party outside managers. 

Elite - Busy, wealthy people almost always use a personal financial professional to manage their investments. Investment management is for an elite corps of serious investors. 

Innovative - McClurg Capital’s separate account management is innovative. The firm brings this more sophisticated level of investment service to smaller investors at a remarkably low cost. 

Performance Measurement - Serious investors insist on accurate performance measurement. Measurement provides the detailed information on annual rates of return. The investor then knows without question the value added by his portfolio manager. In short, measurement tells the investor if he’s getting his money’s worth.

Professional Reports - McClurg Capital’s performance reports are professionally prepared in accordance to the strict standards of the CFA Institute.  CFA Institute standards are uniformly adopted by the nation’s most respected investment managers. Therefore, you can accurately compare the performance of other investment managers with your McClurg Capital account. 

Transparent - Monthly statements, confirmations, and quarterly reports fully disclose all transaction costs, expenses, and management fees. And your rate of return is reported to you net of all costs. 

Convenient and Flexible - A separately managed account at McClurg Capital may be opened with cash, securities, or a transfer of assets from another financial institution.There are no front-end or back-end loads. Although private account management should be viewed as a long term investment, you may add to or withdraw from your account at any time without penalties or withdrawal charges.*

Fun - McClurg Capital clients look forward to their quarterly performance reports. Although investment management is a very serious endeavor, it is fun to see how your investments “stack up” against other investments and popular averages.

*Termination fees range from $50 to $85 on qualified plans.