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The Promise
Worry less, enjoy life more.
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Orders for the purchase or sale of securities cannot be accepted via e-mail. Please telephone our offices.

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Dear Prospective Client:

I am pleased to introduce you to McClurg Capital's private portfolio management services.

You may be assured that all of the efforts of our professional staff are singularly dedicated to enhancing the value of your investments. Our organization's growth depends on the growth of your assets. I like to think of our relationship as a "partnership in performance".

We also promise to utilize high-quality, seasoned investment securities that are suitable to your investment goals and risk tolerance. We pledge that quality and diversification will never be compromised.

When compared to mutual funds, wrap accounts, and other management companies, we have designed one of the most cost effective methods for the small to medium sized investor to participate in equity and debt markets. As we grow, we promise to continuously strive to reduce those costs still further. Our essential business strategy is to deliver premium investment performance at the lowest possible cost to
our clients.


Worry less, enjoy life more.


I personally promise to be available to our clients for personal meetings or phone calls. I promise to always put your interests before our own. The individual investments in your account will be well thought out and risk will be prudently assessed. I will work hard to make your investment experience rewarding rather than agonizing. I encourage you to contact me if you have any concerns, whatsoever, regarding our level of service, portfolio management, trade execution, or performance reports. I can be reached at (415) 472-1445 or toll free at (888) 472-1430. My e-mail is

The staff of McClurg Capital and I look forward to earning your confidence and establishing a lasting relationship.


David G. McClurg,