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California Municipal Bonds


California Municipal Bonds

Federal and State Tax-free

Cal City Special Tax Bonds

Coupon 0.00% ~Maturing 00/00/00 ~ Yield to Maturity 0.00%~ Priced at 100.00~
Callable on 00/00/00 ~ Non-rated
$25,000 minimum order
Call to place your order now-- (415) 472-1445 or (888) 472-1430

Securities offered are subject to prior sale and/or change in price. These bonds are not subject to Alternative Minimum Tax. Bonds liquidated prior to maturity are subject to price fluctuations and you may receive more or less than you originally paid. Bond prices generally decrease as interest rates rise. State Tax Free applies to California residents. Discounted bonds may be subject to taxable gains and the rates may vary for individual investors.